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"I'm glad you asked, Sarah"

Our goal is to make videos to educate the customer about different instances, scenarios, and situations they may find themselves in and how to best way to handle them. Through these videos we hope to take out some of the doubt between customer and mechanics, teach why preventative maintenance is necessary, and show what a trusted mechanic looks like.

Sarah, our upstairs office customer service representative, will be asking Ted questions, as if she were an inquisitive customer. As she learns, the why of certain service procedures, hopefully so will you! Ted is the owner of Bedford Auto Clinic and ASE GM Master Certified of over 20+ years.

So whether you have services done with us, do-it-yourself, or another shop, you'll know what you should be getting for your money.

* This video may come across funny to be entertaining but the information retained is meant to be helpful, serious, and truthful.


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